Sunday, March 6, 2011

Work It

When I say I'm going to the gym, I want people to assume it's because I'm totally into heath and keeping in shape and being the best me I can be, etc.

In reality? I'm a poor grad student, and I can't afford all of the luxuries I got used to by being a member of the working world. You know, luxuries such as soft toilet paper and television. Although I did find a solution to one of those problems. That solution was the University Sports Centre. All of the machines have televisions with a full cable package (not just the BBC) and the gym fee was cheaper than buying a tv and getting the tv license. I can go and watch live tv which I have desperately missed being a poor grad student in a foreign land and not feel so guilty for doing it because look! I'm running/jogging/... okay, walking at the same time! I'm doing something productive, not just vegging out in front of the tv.

Although the kicker in all of it? What do I like to watch on the weekends? High-minded drama? Informative documentary? News?

Oh no. As I exercise, I watch cooking shows. Specific Jamie's 30 Minute Meals, at the moment. I adore Jamie Oliver, and his 30 minute meals blow Rachel Ray out of the water. No shortening names to something cutesie, thank god.

So this is my workout confession. I go to the gym to watch cooking shows. And I have no shame. Although I DO have a great recipe for a Thai red curry with prawns and sugar snap peas now...


  1. Jamie is amazing, not to mention extremely adorable.

    Don't feel so guilty, at least you have it in you to exercise. :D

  2. Agreeing with Remy, adorable. I have a habit of eating my weight in food when I watch cooking shows because nothings satisfies my urge to eat when there is a beautiful dish on the television so succulent looking I can almost smell it through the tube... I think I should try your idea. I hate the gym, but I love cooking (eating) and that would almost be burning double calories since I won't be shoving them down my throat.

  3. @Remy: I have such a cooking crush on Jamie. I just want to sit at his table and eat the food. I keep hoping that one of my friends would like to become a famous chef and let me be the beneficiary of their good cooking!

    @Denise: Cooking shows make me hungry, but after doing it this way, I'd totally suggest the 'exercise so you can't eat while watching amazing food' plan. And like the rationale of double calorie burning -- I totally agree!