Monday, March 21, 2011

Census 2011

The best way to know that a census is coming is whether or not I'll be in the area once the results matter. US Census 2010? Filled out the form a couple of months before I both moved out of that state and out of the country. So... wasn't really a concern if that area got more federal funding. And now what did I get through my door?

Apparently 2011 is Scotland's census time. And even as a student, we have to fill out the thing. Again, won't be here when the results matter, so... glad to know that you're counting me, Scottish government! Give Fife more money.

And the interesting part is that we don't just mail them in -- apparently we have to return the forms to the building manager. Which, for my building means the Residence Manager in one of the undergrad halls. Who have their office in the undergrad residence.

... which my card does not give me access to.

Thanks guys, for making me return a folder to a building that I can't enter and have to stand outside and wait for an unsuspecting first year to come out so I can go 'hey kid, I'm loitering outside your building, so let me in'.

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