Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Aero Bar

I admit, I miss a lot of food from back home. Flavors, brands, the fact that salsa can have actual heat in the States, but every now and then I find something in the Tesco that makes me go 'why don't we have this in the States??'

Sweet mother of Hershey, why don't we have this in the States??

For those who've never had a taste of this amazing little concoction, it's a solid milk chocolate bar. Pretty standard. However! It's been aerated, so the bar is full of little bubbles. Why would you want bubbles in a candy bar? I'm glad you asked.

The bubbles make the chocolate melt. on. your. tongue.

It tastes lighter, melty-er, choclatey-er.

Mars bars are great, Galaxy bars good, but this... oh, sweet Aero bar, why are you not in the States and therefore present me with the sad fact that at some point I will have to leave you and not have you again? Not cool, candy gods, not cool.

I feel like I should mail a box home, just to share the love.


  1. I love Aero bars!!! A friend from Canada once gave me one, and I've been in love ever since! I went years without finding any, and then found some in the England section at Epcot when I was vacationing at Disney World. Then I discovered a small British shop near my house owned by a Scottish lady. It has all sorts of only-found-in-the-UK awesomeness, including Aero bars :D My life is complete!

  2. I love Aero bars! Like the previous commenter, a friend from Canada sent me one, and I was hooked. I've definitely seen them in the states though. Only once. At a little chocolate shop near where my dad lives in northeastern Pennsylvania. Mmm, mmm. Not sure if that place still carries them, as I've not been there in a while. I should check next time I go home...

  3. Aero Bars are amazing!! Have you tried the mint version?

    Where in Scotland are you? I lived in St. Andrew's for four years (university) - just graduated and moved to Texas!

  4. if you like aero bars, then try aero bubbles (a bag of malteser-sized aero chocolate....yum!)

    PS - found you via 20sb

  5. @Hannah -- I'm at St Andrews as well, doing the postgrad thing :)

    @a girl from oz -- oooh, aero bubbles sound amazing. they're next on my list!