Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Night is a world lit by itself. -- Antonio Porchia

We have seven weeks off between semesters because my program doesn't have exams. I'm very happy to be spending it somewhere other than here for the following reason...

The pictures below? Taken at 4:45pm. People aren't even off of work yet, stores aren't closed, and yet it's completely and utterly night. The sun starts setting at 3:30pm and is gone long before these pictures are taken. If this is November, I can only assume what December is like.


  1. Isn't it depressing to drive to work when it's been light for maybe an hour ... and then wrap up the day when it's dark like that? Sigh. I'll be happy once spring rolls around.

  2. Whaaaat? Sunset at 3:30 pm? That would be hard for me. I thrive in the sun!

  3. @ Jessica: Totally! The worst part is that I have a lecture on Monday afternoons from 2-4 and I face the window. And as I'm trying to pay attention I can see it getting darker and darker until it's night... and it's only 4. Not enough light hours in the day.

    @ HiS: It's one of the hardest things to get used to here. I didn't think I was as light dependent as I apparently am. I think I need to switch to daylight bulbs in my flat to even it out *lol*

  4. That's about how early it gets dark here in Boston too. More around 4:00. It's soooo depressing, right?! I hate it. Although, your photos are beautiful. :)