Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breakaway: Gairloch (Day 3)

Monday was our last day in Gairloch, and as much as I love St Andrews, I really did not want to leave. Coming home means having to deal with home things again (even if it's still Reading Week -- at least being out of town meant that I had the excuse not to do work).

So with everything packed into the cars, we set out for our last walk. We had the option of low-medium, low, or extremely low. Which elicited a chuckle from the group at breakfast, but a fair number of takers because we were all exhausted.

For those of us in the low group, we went back to Loch Maree to walk around the perimeter and just enjoy a nice, simple forest walk. The most we did was climb up a rocky hill to overlook the loch and one of the islands containing trees from the ancient Caldonian pine forests that used to cover Scotland.

Loch Maree and her pretty little waves.

From our lunch-ish perch overlooking the loch and the forests.

Parting shot of Loch Maree and Beinn Eighe and all of the wonderful places we'd been that weekend.

Which meant it was time to pile into the cars and head home, passing through more snow than is appropriate as we approached Pitlochry and stopping at a brewery with free tours -- and we picked the time they weren't actually running the tours. I voted to head to the distillery just up the road outside of Inverness because I like whiskey more than beer, but was outvoted by tired people. Silly tired people.

Now I'm ready to go back out. All I need to do is scrub the boots and the gaiters, and we're back in business.

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  1. Those photos are beautiful; looks like a really nice place to visit. Wales is fairly similar as well, lovely forests and mountains.

    On another note: I see you go to St. Andrews! A few of my friends go there for university. And although I've gone up to Edinburgh to see them, I've never hopped onto the train to go into St. Andrews proper. Shame on me, I know.

    I might attempt a trip next year for the oft fabled May dip.