Saturday, November 27, 2010

St Andrews Festival

The big thing this weekend has been the St Andrews Festival -- three day, town-wide festival celebrating the upcoming St Andrews Day. Food, celebration, fireworks... fantastic.

Which, my favorite had to be the torchlight procession down to the harbor to watch fireworks. Imagine hundreds of people lighting torches to march down the town streets, and a pipe band leading the way to the harbor. And in no small part slightly huddled together and close to the fires to keep warm (today was centering around -2C).

But the pay off for the freezing cold walk? This gorgeous scene.

And what good is a Scottish festival without the Saltire on fun things like balloons?

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  1. Hey Rebecca!

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved your comment on my Simple Pleasures post! "...legitimate mail being slipped through the mail slot in the morning from someone who thought you were important enough to put pen to paper for..." -so perfect!

    Anyways, just thought I'd let you know :)