Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creating Cozy

I live in university housing. As with any university housing it, in general, kind of sucks. On one hand, I live in a great location, in the middle of town close to everything. On the other hand, the house is old, the walls are paper thing, the single mattress is too big for the cot bed frame, and it shakes a bit when the wind blows.

And since it's Scotland, the wind blows a lot.

The bed is at least something I'm attempting to make better. The mattress is lumpy, and it's too big for the frame that we have (which leads to a very interesting time should anyone attempt to lean over to get something off of the floor or the bed side table -- you'd be surprised at the number of *thumps* I've heard with people falling out of bed because they think they have more bed than they actually do) and it just all around sucks. And my flat is cold. The radiator runs whenever it's on, hence why we have to sleep with the bathroom door closed, so I don't turn the one on in my room. So my room is cold.

But I found a solution.

Behold the fleecy underblanket. Now, my American friends, imagine a mattress pad but with fuzzy fleece on it to put under your sheets. It's amazing the difference £10 can make. It's like sleeping on a sheep! A warm, cozy, fuzzy sheep that helps you off to dream land. Don't want to turn on the radiator, or haven't bothered to buy a hot water bottle to cozy up with? No worries! The sheep sheet will make it all worthwhile.

Argos, you aren't Target, but you'll do and you make me happy. And the best part is I can reserve online and then you're ready for me in the store. I do miss wandering through aisles, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

*snuggles in for a warm night*

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