Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All The Little Houses

Another photo from my walk down Ladebraes Lane yesterday. Overlooking someone's little garden and across St Andrews. It's fascinating to me here how many buildings are in such a small space -- especially in a small town. St Andrews with its 16,000 is only a bit bigger than the town I grew up in, but it feels much more condensed here.

It's something I found odd, but now very charming, about the UK. Not everything faces the street. It's not always in neat little lines. I mean, I live in an alley behind a car park. Which, while it was a pain to figure out where my house was the first day here (yes, the cabbie and I drove around the block 3 times trying to figure out just where it all was and finally just dropped me off where I thought I might be... and it was closeish), now I kind of like it.

But the idea that something might be behind a building... that was foreign to me in September. Completely went against my very American idea of 'space, I need space, why are you all so close together?' Now? I expect that things are hidden away in nooks and crannies along the streets and it's fun to find those places.

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