Friday, January 14, 2011

FB Message of Doom

Things you Love to Hear From Flatmates:

1. 'Hope your holidays went well!'
2. 'I have a great idea for something fun to do next semester!'
3. 'I got an awesome [gift] for Christmas!'

Things you NEVER Want to Hear From Flatmates:

1. 'So, apparently when you were unplugging the kettle and toaster before break, you unplugged the fridge as well, so do you have any clue how to get out the funk??'

Oh. My. Lord.

My poor flatmate came back to EVERYTHING spoiled and funking up the flat. How on earth I unplugged the fridge, I don't know. But I was checking plugs at 3am before my 5am shuttle to Edinburgh, so anything is possible. Which makes me feel horrible, 1, for all of the freezer food that got ruined for all of us, but mostly 2, because it means that someone else had to clean up the mess that was my fault.

And all I can do is reply:

"OMG! I don't know how I failed at that, but I did. We need a ton of baking soda... er, whatever sodium bicarbonate is called in the UK..."

I so owe them all dinner.

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