Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. -Robert Henri

More Augustine. OMG, so much more Augustine. But with progress on my reading comes the reward that I take most days -- walking along the coast.

I'll preface with this -- I grew up near water. I haven't lived near water for years, but I grew up near it and that leaves a mark on your soul, it really does. I've heard it said that people who grew up near water will never be truly content away from it, and I agree. I'm one of the odd people that finds seagulls comforting and familiar. Even more so when you watch them terrorize tourists who don't realize that eating chips near the water will inevitably turn to a gang of gulls pulling their very own West Side Story with calls, dancing, and inevitably bullying you into stealing your food.

Ah, feels like home.

But the call of seagulls and the bitter wind that comes off of the water is comforting and a delightful treat for most days. I've been here almost a month and it doesn't feel old to walk along the same path down along the sea and stake my traditional perch overlooking the pier and just people watch. Of course, this time I deserved hot chocolate to fend off the cold. Tea is great, I'm getting used to tea time and have my box of tea in my cupboard, but there's something again homey about hot chocolate. And makes me think about Busch Gardens and Meredith and the talk about the wonders of hot chocolate to which I completely agree -- hot chocolate ftw!

The best part about this particular perch is that it's on the hill overlooking the pier at St Andrews Harbor. It's a popular spot for tourists to walk up and down, and since it's a legit working harbor, there are always boats of both the sail and working variety coming in and out. You couldn't ask for a better people watching spot. From the kids messing with cages that they shouldn't be and sticking them in the water and pretending to 'fish' to the little old couples who hold on to each other as they make their way down the steep hill, to the various and sundry students and families wandering in and out. It's the perfect place to be still while everything else moves around you.

Until your ears start to freeze because you finished your hot chocolate 10 minutes previous and you forgot your hat because it wasn't that cold when you left your flat.

Which means it's time to go in... and read more Augustine.

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