Sunday, October 24, 2010

Open Letter to Grad School #1

Dear Grad School,

It was a lovely weekend in St Andrews. The sun was shining after a bout of rain, it was chilly but not cold, and all around there were happy people enjoying their time outside.

Unfortunately, you let me enjoy only the briefest of it in order to walk to the grocery store yesterday and back. Instead, you wanted me to stay inside and read and write and read a bit more so that hopefully I can have my essays done by next Monday and not sound like an idiot in class tomorrow morning. While it was a lofty goal, I'm still irritated that you picked a nice weekend to demand that. This is not how I wished to spend my evening again.

Aquinas isn't that interesting, even if he will be the subject of one of my essays. Therefore, I'm calling it quits tonight. I'm done. I'm done reading, I'm done thinking about Natural Law, and I'm done trying to make your verbose logic arguments make sense after reading so many that they all start to run together. It was a nice ride, but I'm done for the evening. We'll reconvene tomorrow and make some real headway. But for now? I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Or at least hide under a pile on my desk to be found later.

To put you out of my mind, I propose the following. First, a snack.

Said snack will be of the easiest things to pull out of the fridge/cupboard. Cheese, an orange, and Hobnobs (which seriously need to be sold in the States -- oat cookie dipped in dark chocolate ftw). This will be accompanied by tea, Earl Grey since it's amazing.

Second, television of the American variety. Choice should include attractive men, fun, stories as deep as mud puddles, and nothing depressing. Bonus points for suits and style.

White Collar it is. (Mad Men, you were a close second. Alas, you didn't fit the 'nothing depressing' qualifications this time around.)

In exchange for the respite, I promise to hit the books hard tomorrow. Cross my heart.

Thanks bunches,


  1. Love love love LOVE white collar!

    found you on 20sb :)

  2. White Collar is one of the joys of television -- as my flatmates have gotten me hooked to The Apprentice UK, it's my duty to get them just as hooked on the pretty people of White Collar.

    Glad you found me :) Yay!