Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Windows

Man, April has just gone by in a flash. The semester ending and papers and proposals due... ugh, don't even want to think about that for a moment. Why did I want to go back to school, again?

But, at least I'm in a cute little town that's pulling out all the stops for the weekend. See, there's this small matter of a second bank holiday this Friday celebrating some two crazy kids getting married or something.

With the Royal Wedding on Friday, the town is basking in its role as part of the love story. And as any small town can attest, you don't let an opportunity to be on the national stage go to waste -- no no, you gussy up to put on your freshest face.

The merchants' association in town decided to have a little window competition, so most of the store fronts in St Andrews are decorated with their best wedding celebration decorations. You can't walk ten feet without running into Union Jack bunting, or a cut out of the happy couple, or Wills and Kate cupcakes. Which I just think is kind of fun.

Clinton Cards, for if you want your own Wills and Kate bunting.

Wills and Kate cupcake, anyone? Yes... I'm probably going to buy one. Cause it'll be delicious.

Faremore Interiors, for a more tasteful explosion of Brittania.

Sue Ryder Care charity shop, with its second hand unique celebration pieces.

Waterstones, with all of your Wills and Kate books, including but not limited to paper dolls of the happy couple.

Bonkers, for... well, anything with a Union Jack on it.

Simply Scotland, putting up its best wedding dress flair.

Even the optician is looking forward to the wedding 'spectacle'. I love a pun!


  1. I don't know anything about the Royal wedding ..but why is everyone calling him Wills?! Isn't his name William, which would be Will? LOL! Love the decorated stores nonetheless :)

  2. @Yvonne -- I'm not sure why Wills stuck more than Will, but... that's the one that did!