Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Followed Me Home

Snow still on the ground here in MD, and ice is still on the roads. Well, only in parts. The road leading to my parents' house is traditionally one of the bad ones during 'weather' because it's just out of the town limits. That means that it's on the very bottom of the plow lists to get cleared, but still widely traveled. It makes for interesting drives during snow. Much better just to hunker down and stay indoors.

Now US airports and pictures and snow-tastrophies are on the news back across the pond and I get messages from flatmates and friends back in Scotland. The gist of all of them? "The snow followed you home -- don't bring it back with you!"

I'll try, y'all. Even if St Andrews is really pretty with the snowfall. I'm just as over it as the next person.

St Andrews Harbour under snow just before I left. Even wrecking travel plans, it was pretty.

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  1. I'm from Minnesota and it always seems like the snow follows me around to foreign countries. What is with that? Don't the weather gods realize we go to the other countries because we don't want it to be "just like home." ;)